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United States Army
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Political information

Armed forces of the United States

Key personnel

Gen. James T. Wittel (Former)


C. Johnson


Flag United States.png United States of America

Societal information

The Pentagon, Washington D.C.

Historical information

Persian War
Operation Eclipse

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The United States Army, abbreviated as the U.S. Army, is a general term for the armed forces of the United States of America in Act of Aggression.

The United States is a major belligerent in the conflict against the Cartel. Although exhausted by endless fighting across the world, the United States Army is a brute-force of veterans with tried and true equipment; they can skill up and upgrade into specific roles and improve their effectiveness in combat, which the US Army favors instead of relying on more exotic prototypes, unlike the Chimera and the Cartel.[1]

Military Doctrine[]

The US army is well known to use less Aluminum and rare earth materials than Cartel and Chimera. Their best vehicles especially the Abrams and the F-35 requires almost no rare earth and Aluminum to be used and their Administrative center can generate more credits for easy access to them.


  1. Julian Benson (2014-03-22). Act of Aggression is Command and Conquer: Generals' brother from another mother. PCGamesN. Retrieved on 2015-02-12. “Set in 2025, a shadowy organisation called The Cartel’s started to take power from the US and UN, using prototype weapons stolen from the armies’ own defense labs. These three factions are all playable in skirmishes and multiplayer, though the main campaign follows the US’s efforts to rout The Cartel.”

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