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The US Army undoubtedly remains the most powerful military machine on the planet, but nonetheless hasn’t been spared from the Defense budget cuts hitting all armed forces in the wake of the new global recession.

The chaotic years following the “Shanghai Crash” have placed an ever increasing burden on the US armed forces: a naval buildup in the China Sea, the Georgia crisis, a return to Iraq for the third time in almost as many decades, …

The 3rd Iraq War was soon to expand outside of Iraq’s borders, when Iran entered the conflict, straining US ground forces even more. Despite being caught unaware and in a very bad situation, US troops were able to turn the tide of the war, emerging as victors after the hard-fought and costly Battle of Isfahan.

Adding program cancellations on top of over-deployment, the US Army hasn’t been able to put much in service in terms of next-generation weapon systems, relying instead on proven equipment, like the “good ol’ Abrams” tank, locally improved by battle-hardened troops.

Relying on heavy armor and huge firepower to carve its way into any enemy defense, the US Army dreadnought remains true to its “Shock & Awe” doctrine …