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BMPT Terminator
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Heavy combat vehicle


Twin 2A42 30mm autocannons
Igla AA missiles (upgrade)
Ataka AT missiles (upgrade)
AGS-30 grenade launcher (upgrade)

Hit points



Aluminium 1000

Produced by

AoA Icon SWORD Vehicle Bay.png SWORD vehicle bay


AoA Icon Igla Missiles.png Igla missiles
AoA Icon Ataka Missiles.png Ataka missiles
AoA Icon AGS-30.png AGS-30

“Target destroyed! Who's next?”
— Terminator
AoA Icon Terminator.png

The BMPT Terminator is the Chimera's equivalent to a main battle tank, capable of engaging all forms of enemy units once upgraded.[1]


As the Terminator is a multi-role armored fighting vehicle built on the lighter and much more-prolific T-72 tank chassis, it lacks the resilience of the US M1A2 Abrams. However one can argue that such is more than made up for through their formidable versatility. This is seen through global upgrades adding an automatic grenade launcher, anti-tank missiles, and anti-air missiles.


At present players can field this unit without fear of being entirely outmatched by an enemy, with the exception of going toe-to-toe with the Abrams tank and artillery. As such it is wise to deploy Terminators as the backbone of one's main combat forces toward late game.

It's important to point out though, that while good at many roles, this vehicle will never be as expectational as dedicated units filling a similar role. Because of this players will find it wise to bring along other units in an attack, to provide extra support for specific situations and possess additional tactical flexibility.

  • Deploying alongside Pantsirs gives Terminators additional anti-air and anti-missile coverage (in addition to combating ground vehicles if upgraded).
  • Deployed in front of Rhinos and Buratinos provides screening while besieging stationary positions.
  • Deployed with PAK FAs in order to counter a variety of enemies.


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AoA Icon Igla Missiles.png Igla missiles
Costs Credits 2000. Researched at the defensive center. Equips Terminators with Igla anti-aircraft missiles, which have a high-rate of fire and are fired in salvos of two, but only deals average damage against enemy aircraft.
AoA Icon Ataka Missiles.png Ataka missiles
Costs Aluminium 2000. Researched at the research lab. Equips Terminators with Ataka anti-tank missiles, which have a high-rate of fire, but only deals average damage against enemy vehicles.
AoA Icon AGS-30.png AGS-30
Costs Aluminium 1000 and Rare earth elements 500. Requires Igla missiles and Ataka missiles upgrades. Researched at the SWORD vehicle bay. Equips Terminators with an AGS-30 grenade launcher, making the Terminators very efficient against enemy infantry at short range.



  • The name of the unit is reference to a 1984 film The Terminator
  • It's real world equivalent is produced by Russian Federation.


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