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Infobox upgrade
Picture and caption goes here

Which faction the upgrade belongs to


The unit/structure(s) that is/are affected by this upgrade.

Upgrade type

What kind of upgrade it is


The tier necessary to obtain the unit


The level necessary to obtain the unit


Credits The upgrade's credit cost
Aluminium The upgrade's aluminium cost
Rare earth elements The upgrade's REE cost

Build time

The upgrade's build time

Produced by

Where the upgrade is produced/researched.


What's required before upgrade can begin

Hot key

The upgrade's hotkey

Further upgrades

What other upgrades this unlocks


What this upgrade unlocks

Hit points

The unit's health points


The unit's shield


The unit's energy

Life span

The unit's lifespan, if it's time-limited

Armor type

The unit's armour type according to the game files

Transport slots

The unit's number of transportation spots


Whether or not the unit or structure is amphibious

Squad size

How many people are in this unit's squad, if it comes in squads


How much damage the unit inflicts according to game data

Splash damage

How much splash damage the unit inflicts according to game data

Firing rate

The fire rate of the unit's weapons


The unit's speed according to game data

Attack range

The range of the unit's weapons

Sight range

The size of the unit's sight radius


Anything else about the upgrade that's worth mentioning

This infobox displays gameplay information for upgrades.


Copy and paste the code into the article and fill in the fields.

Replacing an Upgrade Template

If you've been asked to change an Upgrade template then:

  1. Copy the blank unitbox (below) into the page
  2. Copy the parameter values from the old template to the new UpgrBox template code. Please check the defunct template's code to see which value is assigned to which parameter.
    E.g. the following means you should copy whatever value is currently assigned to "function" parameter in the page that uses the old template and assign it to "role" parameter in the new UnitBox template code.
    |role = {{#if:{{{function|}}}|{{{function}}}}}
  3. Remove the old template code from the page
  4. Do not reeove any blank or unused parameters from the UnitBox template code. This is to expedite any future expansion.


Copy and paste the following into the article and fill in the fields.

{{Infobox upgrade
|name        =
|image       =
|imagewidth  =
|caption     =
|faction     =
|affects     =
|upgrtype    =
|tier        =
|level       =
|creditcost  =
|alcost      =
|reecost     =
|time        =
|producedby  =
|requires    =
|hotkey      =
|unlocksupgr =
|unlocks     =
|useguns     =
|usearmor    =
|hp          =
|shield      =
|energy      =
|timedlife   =
|armortype   =
|trans       =
|squadsize   =
|damage      =
|splash      =
|firerate    =
|speed       =
|range       =
|sight       =
|notes       =

Optional Fields

The following are some notes on optional fields.

  • imgsize
    • Manually sets the width of image, otherwise image uses its default size of 300px.
    • Requires units to be set. 200px is a valid entry. 200 is not.
  • notes
    • For any misc information
  • margin
    • To change the margins for custom layouts