Stinger Block II
Blazer with the Stinger Block II upgrade
Blazer with the Stinger Block II upgrade

AoA Logo US Army.png U.S. Army


AoA Icon Stinger.png Stinger
AoA Icon Blazer.png Blazer
AoA Icon MG Nest.png AA nest/Defensive position

Upgrade type

Range and damage increase


Credits 500
Aluminium 750

Produced by

AoA Icon Armory.png Armory

AoA Icon Stinger Block II.png

The Stinger Block II upgrade develops the Block II upgrade on all ground-to-air missiles. The Block II upgrade increases the range and damage of Stingers, Blazers, AA nests and Defensive positions. The upgrade also increases the Blazer's Stinger rate of fire.[1]

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