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AAI RDF Scorpio
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AoA Logo Cartel.png Cartel


Light recon tank


75mm Railgun


Optical camouflage

Hit points



Credits 1200

Produced by

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AoA WIcon Railgun.png Railgun


AoA Icon Smoke Rockets.png Smoke Rockets
AoA Icon Optical Camouflage Bricks.png Optical camouflage bricks

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The AAI RDF/LT Scorpio is a light recon tank of the Cartel. The Scorpio is armed with a 75mm railgun turret and has a longer-range of sight, making it efficient against enemy infantry and vehicles.[1]


Scorpios focus on dealing heavy damage against enemy ground vehicles, shredding them in a couple of hits. They have low health, a long reload time of about 7-8 seconds and ironically does very little against infantry, making it particularly vulnerable to them.

With this in mind Scorpio's are best suited for hit and run tactics. especially with Optical Camouflage due to the additional damage caused by 'Ambush'. If you insist to using Scorpios early-mid game make sure you either have plenty of them, or give them some kind of support. They go well with the other basic vehicle of the Cartel, the Otomatic, which can ward off foes with rapid-firing cannons and force the enemies in a serious dilemma, as many early units simply couldn't get through a group of them.

Scorpios can also launch smoke grenades, though the use depends on the scenario. Smoke covers allied ground units, and the enemy must enter the cloud for detection. Alternatively, they can be used to stage a distraction.

Overall, The Scorpio is only useful with the support to keep it alive if you want to devastate enemy vehicles. Its support role is always welcome, but later on, units like the Superhind, LOSAT and Spectre typically get the job done more effectively.


AoA Icon Smoke Rockets.png Smoke rockets
Costs Credits 750. Researched at the repair center. Equips Scorpios with smoke grenade launchers.
AoA Icon Optical Camouflage Bricks.png Optical camouflage bricks
Costs Credits 4500 and Rare earth elements 500. Researched at the stealth lab. Equips AMOSs with optical camouflage, granting them stealth.


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