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AAI RDF Scorpio
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Light recon tank


75mm railgun


Optical camouflage

Hit points



Credits 1200

Produced by

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AoA WIcon Railgun.png Railgun


AoA Icon Smoke Rockets.png Smoke rockets
AoA Icon Optical Camouflage Bricks.png Optical camouflage bricks

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The AAI RDF/LT Scorpio is a light recon tank of the Cartel. The Scorpio is armed with a 75mm railgun turret and has a long-range of sight, making it efficient against enemy infantry and vehicles.[1]


The Scorpio's role is to deal heavy damage to vehicles and infantry over long periods of time, While capable of high damage they suffer from a long reload time of about 7-8 seconds. Plenty of time for enemies to take them down, keeping a Scorpio in their face will usually result in only a single shot being fired before its taken down.

With this in mind Scorpio's are best suited for hit and run tactics. especially with Optical Camouflage due to the additional damage caused by 'Ambush'. If you insist to using Scorpios early-mid game make sure you either have plenty of them, or give them some kind of support. They go well with the other basic vehicle of the Cartel, the Otomatic, Otomatics holds enemies in place while the Scorpios fire and back away so they can reload and repeat the process, the enemy has two choices, chase after the Scorpios to take out the heavy damage dealers letting the Otomatics batter and whittle away their HP, or engage the Otomatics allowing the Scorpios to reload and deal plenty of shock damage from behind the Otomatic line. Either way isnt a nice result, though this does require some micro management, the result for the Cartel players is more time to build up and hopefully a much more damaged enemy.

Scorpios can also be used to provide 'cover' or temporary 'stealth' to other units through the Smoke rockets upgrade. While not as effective as actual 'stealth', enemies cannot see units directly in the smoke clouds, for both Infantry and Vehicles, Aircraft are not affected, while useful against unprepared enemies, the smoke is not very reliable due to the fact the enemy will gain full visibility just by entering the smoke too. But this can also be used as weak diversionary tactics to make an attack is coming from a certain direction while you move your forces around to another spot, hopefully making the enemy watch or enter the smoke to intercept you.

Overall, The Scorpio is only useful with the support to keep it alive, if you can keep it alive its damage will stack up and slowly overwhelm the enemies' fire power. But it cannot be recommended as a Mid-Late game unit as it will die too easily to other units and can easily be replaced with the later Spectre.


AoA Icon Smoke Rockets.png Smoke rockets
Costs Credits 750. Researched at the repair center. Equips Scorpios with smoke grenade launchers.
AoA Icon Optical Camouflage Bricks.png Optical camouflage bricks
Costs Credits 4500 and Rare earth elements 500. Researched at the stealth lab. Equips AMOSs with optical camouflage, granting them stealth.


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