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Heavy combat medic


PAPOP heavy grenade launcher

Hit points



Credits 500

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“Who needs to be... punished?”
— Punisher
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The Punisher is a heavy combat medic of the Cartel in Act of Aggression. The Punisher is armed with the PAPOP heavy grenade launcher, making him very efficient against most enemy infantry. The Punisher is capable of occupying buildings, capturing POWs, and healing nearby allied infantry units.[1]


The Punisher's role extends more than just a simple medic than some may believe. The Punisher fires a few rounds (presumably 5-8) which deal a moderate amount of damage to infantry depending on the unit, and a nice amount of damage to buildings however, do poorly against vehicles.

But the true strength in this is not the damage, but the fact that the rounds actually force enemy infantry near the impact area to prone and are unable to fire back or move, even if a player tries to move their infantry away while a Punisher is firing at them, they will downright ignore the orders until they recover from the 'shock' of his rounds. (Roughly 10 seconds if all rounds hit a single target presuming it survives) This makes Punishers excellent for controlling the attempts of enemy infantry attacks or movements, their range is pretty decent just a little less than the Chimera SAS. The time an enemy remains 'shocked' does not stack if more than one fires at the same enemy, but with careful micromanagement, you can make one fire as soon as another stops, keeping them in a stunned state until death.

So add this knowledge onto the fact that they heal allied infantry, even in buildings or vehicles, which will counter the damage done to infantry by enemy vehicles assaulting units in a bank for example. They are also capable of healing themselves however but can still be taken care of easily once the appropriate units engage them (Vehicles, Aircraft and Sniper units)

But a few warnings must be given, they can also 'shock' allied infantry should they get too close to their fire, they cannot attack and suppress enemies also in buildings, and due to the fact they require a prison module and black ops to be recruited usually vehicles are already the stronger presence than infantry by that point making their acquisition not as useful as it sounds.

Overall, the Punisher is amazing at keeping enemy infantry under control, even the dreaded exosoldiers will cower to one's fire. but a Punisher alone cannot keep them all occupied or deal enough damage, give him support in the form of more infantry or vehicles and no enemy infantry will defeat him with the exception of Sniper units. This unit is also useful when paired with shershens with double barrels becsuse they are very effective against vehicles this pair is also useful for air raids into the enemy base.


AoA Icon Life Insurance.png Life insurance
Costs Credits 1000. Researched at the headquarters. In the regrettable case of the death of a mercenary under contract with the Cartel, half of its recruitment fees are refunded.
AoA Icon Nanofibers Jackets.png Nanofibers jackets
Costs Rare earth elements 500. Researched at the stealth lab. Increases the Punisher's hitpoints.


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When Selected[]

  • Need a doctor?
  • Who do you want me to... punish?
  • Just dare call me 'nurse'.

Under Fire[]

  • Taking fire!

Moving Out

  • Do you know how much this thing weighs?!

Getting In A Transport

  • I'm glad I don't have to carry that stuff much longer



  • The Punisher was originally called the CT XM25, and was originally to use the XM-25 grenade launcher as his primary weapon, as seen in the concept art above.
  • XM-25 is nicknamed the 'Punisher', which is most likely where this unit got its current in-game name.


  1. Eugen Systems, Focus Home Interactive, Act of Aggression. September 2, 2015.

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