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A prisoner of war (abbreviated POW) in Act of Aggression is a wounded soldier or a vehicle pilot who is captured. If an enemy soldier is wounded on the battlefield, an orange icon will be displayed above them. Most infantry can capture them, with some exceptions like rocket soldiers. If you have a PoW center (field hospital for the US Army, Prison for the Chimera, prison module upgrade for the Cartel barracks), that prisoner will be automatically transferred there upon capture.

Capturing POWs[]

Most infantry with a firearm can secure POWs (if capture is possible, an icon of orange jail bars will appear when targeting the prisoner). However, most infantry units like the Stinger, Javelin, Grenadier, or any other infantry unit who have explosive weapons as their primaries are unable to capture, and will proceed to fire upon the POWs (with the exception of the Punisher, who wields a grenade launcher as a primary weapon but can still capture PoWs).

List of infantry units able to capture POWs[]

US Army[]




Prisoners of war provide a credit bonus upon capture, generate credit income, and can be traded for resources:

  • Field hospital (US Army) - can trade POWs for aluminium or rare earth.
  • Prison (Chimera) - can trade POWs for Rare Earth
  • Barracks with prison module (Cartel) - Five POWs grant the building the capacity to generate Aluminum.

As resource deposits dry up late-game, PoWs and resource-generating buildings become the main providers for resources. Capturing them should not be overlooked. On the other hand, get your own pilots to the safety of your base receive a partial credit refund and deny the enemy PoW income.

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