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AoA Ingame Outpost.png

AoA Logo Chimera.png Chimera


Power production and storage


Low resilience

Hit points



Aluminium 1500

Produced by

AoA Icon Kodiak.png Kodiak
from AoA Icon HQ Chimera.png Headquarters or
from AoA Icon Construction Outpost.png Construction outpost


Electricity +4

AoA Icon Outpost.png

The outpost is a resource storage and power production building of the Chimera.

The outpost can be converted into a construction outpost, a repair outpost, or an income outpost.

Uses and Tactics[]

Chimera outposts are vital not only as a forward storage hub, but are also the only building capable of supplying power.

As the Chimera outpost can be upgraded differently, building placement very is important.

Upgrade the outposts further back to income outposts, while the frontline outposts should be repair outposts.

It is a good practice to roughly know the radius of the repair outpost (as it cannot be seen prior to upgrading the outpost) to ensure it can repair all defensive units and buildings. There is little reason to not upgrade the repair outposts's radius. Forward bases with a repair outpost will be able to repel small raids easily, and when further bolstered with the Rhino's artillery-detection upgrade, will be better equipped to repel bombardment from afar.

As the Chimera do not have a mobile repair vehicle like the US Army or Cartel, players should consider withdrawing damaged units to the nearest repair outpost while bringing fresh troops to the front lines.

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