Shanghai Crash

Operation Eclipse
Start date

Before September 10, 2024

End date

May 4, 2025




Shanghai Crash


Cartel operational failure

  • Olympus Cell eliminated
  • Cartel activities exposed
  • The Cartel as a whole goes into hiding for the time being
Flag United Nations United Nations
Flag United States United States
Supported by:
Flag China China
Flag Russia Russia
AoA Logo Cartel Cartel
AoA Logo Damocles Damocles
Republica de Neuva California
Investigate the Shanghai Crash (initially)
Expose and stop all Cartel operations, and destroy the Cartel
Subjugate the United States, and seize its major economic and military assets
AoA Logo US Army CiC. C. Johnson
AoA Logo US Army Gen. James Wittel
(later being joined cartel)

AoA Logo Chimera Col. Greg Schaefer
AoA Logo Chimera HC Majken Lofquist
AoA Logo Chimera Capt. Harding
Flag Russia Maj. Fedor Raevski

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AoA Logo Cartel "Poseidon"
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AoA Logo Cartel Zhang Yao
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AoA Logo Chimera Chimera
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Operation Eclipse was initially a clandestine operation launched by the Cartel that began after the collapse of the Chinese economy in 2019.


In the year 2019 the "Shanghai Crash", which was the collapse of the entire Chinese financial system, plunges the whole world into the worst economic recession since the Great Depression. Third world countries suffered the worst from the crisis, and were on the brink of collapse. Taking advantage of the chaos, a shadowy organization known as the "Cartel", a syndicate of private military contractors and corporate magnates, was able to infiltrate the failing governments and install its own puppet regimes.

The United Nations' Transnational Crime Organization suspects that the Shanghai Crash was orchestrated. Initial investigations were ceased due to insufficient evidence, and is now regarded as a mere conspiracy theory. Still determined to uncover the suspicious cause of the Shanghai Crash, the "Chimera Protocol" was signed in secrecy, binding several UN member states together to provide intelligence and military support for the investigation. The United States, suffering from the economic crisis and recurring defense budget cuts, struggles to maintain their influence as a global superpower.