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  • Privatejfx141

    Yesterday, Act of Aggression went out of its early access beta to its official release. The game released with an improved user interface, two campaigns, and about 20 playable maps. It will be some time later that Eugen will make another Wargame will add (hopefully) free DLC to the game.

    All articles with the upcoming template should now have that template removed and use the in-text citations.

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  • Privatejfx141

    First Poll Results

    August 8, 2015 by Privatejfx141

    Here are the poll results for "Have you ever played Act of War: Direct Action and/or Act of War: High Treason?".

    • I have owned and played them. - 209
    • I heard of these games, but did not have the chance to play them. - 79
    • I never heard of these games. - 56

    Glad to see that there are many Act of War veterans who are looking forward to Act of Aggression.

    Yesterday, the Cartel faction was added as the third playable faction in the Act of Aggression Early Access Beta. Thus the new poll will be "What is your favorite faction in Act of Aggression?".

    • Cartel and Zoom Patch on the Act of Aggression Devblog
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  • Privatejfx141

    As the VIP beta is on its last day, I decided to compose a to-do list/maintenance report for this wiki.

    1. Resources
    2. Cartel
    3. United States Army
    4. Chimera
    5. U.S. Army units pages
    6. U.S. Army structures pages
    7. U.S. Army upgrades pages
    8. War on the Cartel
    9. Shanghai Crash
    10. United States of America

    • U.S. Army upgrades
    • Battle of Isfahan
    • Countries

    Since the United States Army was the only playable faction in this VIP beta, I recommend that only unit, structure, and upgrade icons of the US Army extracted using the Wargame Modding Suite should be uploaded to this wiki. Chimera and Cartel UI icons should be uploaded once the open beta has begun, or if there is an official press release pertaining to the Chimera or Cartel.

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  • Privatejfx141

    Merry (Late) Christmas! Eugen Systems recently released an Act of Aggression Christmas card showing the F-35 (or Rudolph-35 in this case), PAK FA, and the Su-47 fighter jets.

    The Newsletter of Focus released an article unveiling new information, screenshots, and concept art of Act of Aggression.

    • Newsletter Article

    On December 17, the official Wargame forums was migrated from Focus' servers to Eugens' under a new URL ( in order to host Act of Aggression's forum.

    • Announcement by MadMat

    Here are some useful links for semi-active/active online discussions about Act of Aggression that may reveal information about the game. Unfortunately most of the forum discussions listed are in French, so feel free to add any links in the comments.

    • CanardPC forum (French)
    • Cold War Spirit forums
    • Act of Aggression subreddit
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  • Privatejfx141
    Welcome back General Major!

    I'm PrivateJFX141, the founder of the Act of Aggression Wiki and the admin of the Eugen Systems Database Network. You might have seen me around on the Command & Conquer Wiki. As many of you may have known, Act of Aggression was announced to be the spiritual successor of Act of War: Direct Action, which that game was considered by some to be what C&C Generals should have been. I will be recapping on what we currently know about this game and speculate about what maybe included in the game. This includes information revealed at Gamescom 2014, which began on August 13 and ended on August 17.

    • Act of Aggression is to be the spiritual successor of the 2005 Act of War: Direct Action.
    • The game is expected to be released sometime in 2015.
    • Act of Aggression is to utilize the IRISZOOM engine, which has been overhauled to include much better lighting, optimization, and other changes.
    • Obviously, Act of Aggression is to be on the PC platform, but it is currently unknown if the game is g…

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