The American Civil War


Fall of Olympia... Rise of Heliopolis

Mexican Stand-Off
Part of Operation Eclipse
AoA Intro Mexican Stand-Off.jpg

May 4, 2025


Mexicali, Mexico

AoA Logo Chimera.png Chimera

AoA Logo US Army.png United States Army

AoA Logo Cartel.png Cartel
AoA Logo US Army.png Wittel loyalists
AoA Logo Chimera.png Greg C. Schaefer AoA Logo Cartel.png James T. Wittel
AoA Logo Cartel.png Olympus Cell
Chimera SHIELD Logo NoBG.png
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Mexican Stand-Off is the final mission of Operation Eclipse.

Related achievements[edit | edit source]

AoA Achievement Moctezuma.png Moctezuma
Complete Chimera's 10th Episode
AoA Achievement Bloodshed.png Bloodshed
Get 750 kills.
AoA Achievement Eat a Mushroom.png Eat a Mushroom
Build an Omega Blitzer.
AoA Achievement Wrath of Wotan.png Wrath of Wotan
Build a THOR control center.
AoA Achievement Ignition.png Ignition
Build a Peacekeeper missile silo.
AoA Achievement All Your Bases Belong To Us.png All your bases belong to us
Finish the mission having US, Chimera, and Cartel headquarters in your possession.
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