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The Merc is an enemy infantry unit that appears in the Act Of Aggression Campaign.[1]

They are hired by Cartel to disrupt the United Nations and their VIPs at the start of the level When the Wolves Howl, and also make up Zhang Yao's personal contingent as she flees during the first level, "The Hunt For Yao". 

They are relatively weak compared to most other units, but several of them can pin and kill a Marine or FELIN.


The Mercenary is a light paramilitary unit. They are armed with a standard kalashnikov AK-47, and deal small amounts of damage. They are very weak against vehicles and are almost always encountered in small packs to improve effectiveness.


The mercenaries are from a shady organization called the White Wolf, which are made of former soldiers of the Transitaria War, selling the service of men who will do anything for money. They are corrupt and have no moral obligations, even accepting work from Cartel's Olympus cell (which was the culprit behind the catastrophic Shanghai Crash).

Cartel's Heliopolis cell, however, would later discover more prospective partners, namely the Damocles PMC and South African former contractor Piet Vermaak, essentially nullifying the White Wolves' services to them, hence explaining Merc's absence past the third Chimera campaign mission.


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