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Into the Chimera's Lair
Part of Operation Eclipse
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May 1, 2025


Léman Lake Shores, Switzerland

AoA Logo Chimera.png Chimera AoA Logo Cartel.png Cartel
Greg C. Schaefer Olympus Cell

AoA Logo Chimera.png Chimera

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Into the Chimera's Lair is the seventh mission of Operation Eclipse.

Enemies mostly attack from the north but some stealth units may sneak by.

Related achievements[]

AoA Achievement Salvation.png Salvation
Complete Chimera's 7th Episode.
AoA Achievement Where is my Umbrella.png Where is my umbrella?
The original HQ must still stand and you must control the Antey factory for 30 minutes (timer invisible) before sending three Anteys to the evacuation point.
AoA Achievement Iron Dome.png Iron dome
Use an Antey to intercept two Thor attacks.

Where is my umbrella?[]

There is an invisible timer for 30 minutes that starts counting down when you are given control of the Antey factory. In order for the achievement to trigger, you need to keep your original HQ alive for the full 30 minutes then send the three Anteys to the evacuation waypoint. If the 30 minutes have elapsed and the HQ still stands, the achievement will pop when the Anteys vanish and you'll be given 15% credit towards completion on the mission.