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The subject of this article appeared in Act of Aggression. The subject of this article appeared in Act of Aggression: Reboot Edition.
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AoA Logo Chimera.png Chimera


Powered exoskeleton infantry


BRG-15 15mm machine gun


HULC anthropomorphic exoskeleton

Hit points



Credits 250
Aluminium 400

Produced by

AoA Icon Barracks Chimera.png Barracks


AoA Icon Autorepair.png Autorepair
AoA Icon Intelligent Suspension.png Intelligent suspension

“Be my guest!”
— Exosoldier
AoA Icon Exosoldier.png

Suited in a HULC anthropomorphic exoskeleton, the exosoldier is the advanced infantry unit of the Chimera. [1]


AoA Icon Autorepair.png Autorepair
Costs Aluminium 1750. Researched at the defensive center. Exosoldiers are able to slowly regenerate health after being damaged.
AoA Icon Intelligent Suspension.png Intelligent suspension
Costs Credits 1000 and Aluminium 750. Researched at the research lab. Doubles the exosoldier's speed.
Image needed! Breaching Training
Allows FELIN, SAS Sniper, and Exosuit Infantry to capture enemy buildings.


The Exosoldier is a very strong, very healthy, and very fast infantry unit. Like all Chimera infantry units, they can be upgraded to allow them to capture buildings, something that they are pretty good at considering their speed and large health pool.

Their Speed also allows them to be used as a quick reaction force (not to be confused with SPEAR QRF, the in-game group of units and structures), especially against light, anti-armor vehicles, such as the Scorpio or Stryker ATGM and MGS. Their speed also allows them to charge mobile artillery units effectively, as they will move fast enough to avoid most artillery damage.


  • Very fast
  • 15.5mm HMG is very powerful, especially against light vehicles and helicopters
  • Very healthy
  • Has upgrades for increased speed, health regeneration, and building capture


  • Expensive
  • Require groups to be effective
  • Worse at fighting against infantry in CQB (inside buildings)
  • Can be difficult to keep in infantry forces as they outrun their standard counterparts


Chimera SHIELD Logo NoBG.png
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When selected

  • Exosoldier, all suited up!
  • Your orders, sir?
  • I hear you very well, sir!
  • I can tear them apart with that.
  • Let me give 'em a taste of my gun!

When moving

  • Do you know how much that thing weighs!?
  • We will make it there.
  • Be my guest!
  • Sure!

When detecting the enemy

  • Hostile spotted!

When attacking

  • I won't feel anything, but they will.
  • Good! Battle is a good redeemer.

When breaching

  • Blow up the door and get in!

Upon killing an enemy

  • They're blown to pieces!

When under attack

  • Taking fire!



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