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RAH-66 Comanche
AoA Ingame Comanche.png

AoA Logo Cartel.png Cartel


Attack helicopter


XM301 autocannon
JCM missiles


Optical camouflage

Hit points



Credits 500
Aluminium 500

Produced by

AoA Icon Helipad CT.png Helipad


AoA Icon Computerized Flying Procedure.png Computerized flying procedure

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The RAH-66 Comanche is a stealth attack helicopter of the Cartel in Act of Aggression. The Comanche is armed with an autocannon and JCM (Joint Common Missile) missiles, making it effective in engaging against enemy infantry and vehicles.


The Comanche should be considered a 'Shock' aircraft also as a hit and run unit to target ground units and buildings, They are capable of firing a quick barrage of missiles that devastate the area they target. Allowing them to cause huge damage. In fact a group of 6 can usually destroy the majority of basic buildings and a little over 10 nearly can destroy advanced ones. Needless to say this massive damage also wrecks ground units.

However their damage comes at a cost, with a huge reload window being just over 20+ seconds so this results in them becoming rather vulnerable after their barrage as their autocannons do not do too much on its own. Some players believe they are just neglecting to fire the missiles during their reload window, but they automatically fire the missiles once in firing range, so if they dont fire within your sight, chances are they fired recently.

Keeping this in mind, Comanches are also very squishy, being downed in very few shots from enemies, and they are not much good against air targets either, only capable of firing the cannons at them. So once they fire its advised to back away out of enemy range very quickly while they reload, sadly there's no true way of seeing how long left you have till they reload.

Overall, Use them as raiders on supply lines or to destroy key building or lastly deal the damage needed to enemy units before backing away straight away, they are not meant to hold their own in a drawn out fight.


AoA Icon Computerized Flying Procedure.png Computerized flying procedure
Costs Credits 1250. Researched at the stealth lab. Increases the Comanche's speed and agility.


When selected

  • Comanche, awaiting your orders.
  • Ready to fly!
  • Where's the target?

When moving

  • Activating Optical Camouflage.
  • You're the one paying for fuel!
  • Copy that.

When found the enemy

  • Hostile spotted!
  • Enemy detected!

When attacking

  • Fire at will!
  • Locking on target.

When destroyed the enemy

  • Hostile down!

When critically damaged

  • I'm getting shot down!


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