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Underground syndicate
Violent non-state actor

Key personnel

Olympus Cell (destroyed)
Heliopolis Cell


Flag United States.png United States (1961-1989)
AoA Logo Belyie Volki.png Belyie Volki (1991)
AoA Logo Damocles.png Damocles
AoA Logo Yueng Corporation.png Yueng Corporation

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Date formed



Cold War
Shanghai Crash
Operation Eclipse

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The "Cartel" is a military-industrial global syndicate and violent non-state actor that grew to prominence sometime during the 21st century. The Cartel utilizes high-tech equipment, stolen and heavily modified prototypes, and stealthy operatives for their enigmatic agenda.

Originally conceived by several members of the US government as an underground pro-capitalist conglomerate to counter against the Soviet Union and communism during the Cold War era, the Cartel eventually outgrew its original mandate to become a NGO superpower as a result of a global economic crisis due to the 2019 Shanghai Crash, of which it orchestrated.

At the end of the game, only the Olympus Cell is destroyed while the surviving ones evade the Chimera and discuss their next move.


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Military Doctrine[]

The Cartel is well known for their excessive use of helicopters such as using those helicopters to build bases, collect resources and use them to battle in various ways.


  • The Cartel shares similarities with the Consortium from Act of War. Both were violent, non-state actors serving as the main antagonistic organization seeking for world domination, with a heavy emphasis on tactics and stealth compared to their rivals.
  • Their high-tech units seem to share the features like blue- to jet-black camo and red or orange colored lines, reminiscent of the movie Tron.
  • Members codenames and Cartel cells are based on Mythical Gods like Greek Gods codename for Olympus Cell and Egypt Gods codename for Heliopolis Cell.

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