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Belyie Volki (meaning White Wolves in Russian) is a mercenary group situated in the Balkans, on the Serbian-Bulgarian border. It is led by Dragan Vesnic.

As a mercenary organization, they would offer their service as long as the price is right with no other constraints. They were hired by the Cartel in the past decades for destabilization, the most recent contract being the assassination of Raul Escobedo on Dutch soil. Immediately after the successful mission, Cartel commanders in the Olympus Cell decide to take action and eliminate it in order to cover their tracks with the Chimera on their trail, which involved them ambushing their armor units en route as well as seizing and destroying equipment in their HQ, presumably also killing Dragan Vesnic. Chimera, however, managed to partially recover the equipment with Greg C. Schafer managing to save some of them from destruction, allowing the task force to proceed further with intel.

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