Act of Aggression Wiki

This page contains the Act of Aggression Wiki's image and video policy, which pertains to all images and videos uploaded to this wiki. Exceptions to these rules may be made.


  • Images uploaded to the Act of Aggression Wiki should only be used for articles or user pages.
  • Images that are not in use will be put in an article's gallery section or will be marked for deletion.
  • Images produced and released by the developer or publisher, such as official screenshots and concept art, should have a Copyrighted template on the image information page and be categorized in the Copyrighted media category.

Article images[]

  • Images should be of good quality. Images in .png format are recommended.
  • If an image is to illustrate a unit or structure in-game, it should never include the UI (HUD, crosshair) and health bar unless the point of the image is to illustrate the UI or health bar itself.
  • All images should be properly named; see the "Naming" section below.
  • When uploading official screenshots, it is recommended that they should not have the website providers logo on it, such as GameSpot or IGN.
  • Photos that are taken in reality that illustrates the unit must be limited to two photos per article.
  • It is recommended that all in-game unit and structure images uploaded must be by 600px x 400px and in .png format. Portraits (Icons) must be by 57px x 57px and in also .png format.

User pages[]

  • There is no restriction on the limit of the number of images that are user screenshots or fan art pertaining to Act of Aggression , but images that are not related must be limited to 10 images per user.
  • Images that violate any of the rules, including Wikia's, will be deleted.


  • Videos should be uploaded to the wiki through the "Add Video" button in the "Add features and media" menu while editing.
  • Videos should be in the article's gallery, excluding the main page and blog posts.
  • Videos should relate to the Act of War series, be it a trailer or gameplay video.
  • Videos that violate any of the rules, including Wikia's, will be deleted.


Files should take the following format:



Sources Description
AoA Act of Aggression
AoA_Site Official website


File types Description
ConceptArt Concept artwork.
Render 3D render of in-game objects.
Preview Preview render of in-game objects.
Ingame Static images of in-game objects.
Portrait Unit portraits.
Cutscene_[Mission] Static images of cutscenes during the campaign. The [Mission] represents which mission the cutscene was shown in. It should be formatted as M[Mission Number], for example, cutscenes in the second mission should be formatted as "M2".
Screenshot Official screenshot. (Excluding UI)
Beta_Screenshot Beta screenshot. (Including UI)
User_Screenshot In-game screenshot taken by user.


This is the name of the primary focus of the image. Refer to the appropriate image categories to find names already in use; Abrams, Buggy, Akula, SpinnerUGCV, USMarine. Note the capitalization.


The extension of the image file type is the suffix to the name of the image file, designed to show its format. It is recommended that images smaller than 1000px X 1000px are with the .png extension.

Case sensitivity[]

File names are case sensitive. DA_Ingame_Buggy.png is not the same as Da_ingame_buggy.png.

Real World images[]

Photos that are taken in reality must follow a different format:


In which [Source] represents the name of the website it is obtained from, and [Name] represents the object it illustrates.