Act of Aggression Wiki

This page contains the Act of Aggression Wiki's Article layout guideline. It describes how content on an article page should be arranged in order to be consistent, organized, and readable.


In-game unit and structure articles[]

Example: Terminator

When creating an article about a unit or structure, be sure to first check that no other article of that same subject exists. If there is, contribute to that existing article instead. The title of article must be the in-game name of the unit or structure. Articles with titles such as "AH-64E Apache Guardian" instead of "Guardian" will be renamed to the appropriate page.

In general, articles should have the following sections, in the following order:

  • Infobox unit template: Infobox containing briefed summarized info about the unit or structure.
  • Introductory paragraph: Short introductory paragraph providing the name and role of the unit/structure.
  • Background: Section explaining the lore of that unit/structure.
  • Gameplay: In-game information.
  • Gallery: All images related to the unit/structure, such as concept art, renders and screenshots, go here.
  • Trivia: Trivial information about the unit. Trivia must be in point form.
  • See also: External and intrawiki links relating to the unit, such as Wikipedia.
  • Navbox template: Any applicable navboxes go at the end of the article. Navbox must be added in Source mode as {{<FACTION> arsenal}}.

Mission articles[]

  • Infobox war template: Infobox containing briefed summarized info about the mission. Missions are to be treated somewhat as battles since they are part of the conflict in the game, thus is why the Infobox war template is used.
  • Background: Section about the events that lead to the mission.
  • Mission events: Section about the events that happened during the mission.
  • Objectives: List of primary and secondary objectives.
  • Walkthrough: Walkthrough for the mission.