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“Act of Aggression vows to bring about a return to the 90's Golden Era of real time strategy games, delivering all of the core mechanics sorely missed by many RTS fans.”
— Focus Home Interactive[1]
Act of Aggression
AoA Cover Art FR.jpg
Developer(s) Eugen Systems
Publisher(s) Focus Home Interactive
Platform(s) Windows
Release date(s) September 2, 2015[2]
Genre(s) Real-time strategy
Modes(s) Singleplayer, multiplayer

Act of Aggression is a real-time strategy game developed by Eugen Systems and published by Focus Home Interactive. Act of Aggression is stated to be a spiritual successor to Eugen Systems' previous Act of War titles, hence the similarities in the titles.[3]


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In the year 2019 the "Shanghai Crash", which was the collapse of the entire Chinese financial system, plunges the whole world into the worst economic recession since the Great Depression. Third world countries suffered the worst from the crisis, and were on the brink of collapse. Taking advantage of the chaos, a shadowy organization known as the "Cartel", a syndicate of private military contractors and corporate magnates, was able to infiltrate the failing governments and install its own puppet regimes.[4]

The United Nations' Transnational Crime Organization suspects that the Shanghai Crash was orchestrated. Initial investigations were ceased due to insufficient evidence, and is now regarded as a mere conspiracy theory. Still determined to uncover the suspicious cause of the Shanghai Crash, the "Chimera Protocol" was signed in secrecy, binding several UN member states together to provide intelligence and military support for the investigation. The United States, suffering from the economic crisis and recurring defense budget cuts, struggles to maintain their influence as a global superpower.

Act of Aggression includes a main campaign mode and many standalone missions.[5] In the main campaign, players are a head of the Chimera task force. The main campaign follows the Chimera and US’s efforts to rout the Cartel.[6] The standalone missions are unlocked at key points of the main campaign, and these missions are focused on the Cartel's perspective on the conflict.[5]


The game aims to “bring the players back in the 90’s Golden Age of strategy games.”[7], confirming that Act of Aggression will be a traditional RTS, having its gameplay similar to Command & Conquer: Generals and Act of War: Direct Action, with several other gameplay elements based off of Eugen's previous Wargame games. Act of Aggression will thus include base building and resource management. There are to be multiple resources each faction relies on to sustain their game economies and to build up their forces: deposits of aluminum, oil, and rare earth elements are scattered across the map.[8] Banks and prisoners of war can be captured for a supplementary source of income.[9]

The game includes superweapons (or tactical weapons) and anti-superweapons (or counter-tactical weapons) for each of the factions. Each faction will upgrade in a centralized headquarters in order to unlock new units, buildings, and upgrades. Skills and abilities for units can be unlocked to specialize them in roles through purchasable upgrades. Act of Aggression will have a togglable in-game day and night cycle.[10]

Skirmish maps are set in the United States, Mexico, Europe, and China. There can be up to 40 players in a multiplayer match.[4] On release, there will be a spectator mode for multiplayer games and a replay mode.


  • United States Army - Though exhausted by endless fighting across the world, the United States Army is a brute-force of veterans; they can skill up in specific roles and improve their veterancy, but use current generation technology.
  • Cartel - The Cartel is an organization of stealthy operatives born out of private military contracts, with the latest cutting edge prototypes. Fragile and expensive, but stealthy and powerful, this secretive faction is difficult to master.
  • Chimera - The Chimera is a UNO funded task-force designed to have a plan in mind for every situation. Their units can be modified through upgrades into specific roles, or be left as a jack-of-all-trades.



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